5-7-17: The Principle of Power by Rev. Clive deLaporte

 The Principle of Power by Rev. Clive deLaporte

Divine Principle empowers me to live with purpose, passion and prosperity.

The Principle of Power is the ability to have authority, dominion and mastery of Divine truth and good. Today we open our minds and hearts in invitation to a deeper awareness and understanding of the power of Divine presence in our lives. Divine principle is absolute, existing within and beyond us for the express purpose of being a creative presence and power for truth and good in our lives. As we come more fully into the awareness and understanding of Divine principle, It’s purpose is fulfilled in and through us with power and prosperity.

A fuller awareness and understanding of this truth, and the truth of Divine principle in general, brings us into greater spiritual integrity and authenticity, and herein is our hope and joy; the knowing that we are Divinely ordained with authority and power, worthy and able to response to the good and grace of God by taking responsibility and being response-able for the good that manifests in our lives. The realization of our worthiness awakens our willingness to be a more authentic expression of our Divine truth and good, with power and prosperity.

 The Principle of Power is a message of hope and joy. Reminding us that we are enabled and empowered to live with truth and good in the world, no matter what challenges we may be called to face on our path and process to a fuller realization of our Divine potential. Blessings to you as you take this awareness and understanding more fully into your life experiences this week. Rev. Clive.