Armand & Angelina in Concert, 7 pm

The Age of Aquarius

An evening of Music, Message and Mirth with Armand and Angelina

These two international performers and recording artists have been living their dream together since 2001. They offer a fantastic, uplifting show, full of humor, passion for life and love for each other. Their music is a unique blend of rock and opera incorporating Native American flute. Armand and Angelina will be performing their versions of Hallelujah, Age of Aquarius, songs from Phantom of the Opera, plus their own original love ballads and humorous songs. It’s been coined a variety show because their performance is filled with music, comedy, dance and more.

Come see them and learn a new twist on giving and receiving. They love giving away stuff! Armand and Angelina deliver a show like no other!

Presented on a "Value Received Love Offering" basis.

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