Message - Amazing Things

Unity of Tampa - Sunday 11/27/2016

Prepared and presented by Rev. Clive deLaporte

"If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough." Meister Eckhart
Gratitude is the seed, that if sown and cultivated in a fertile loving heart, grows, flowers and fruits into a harvest of amazing things and abundant good. Gratitude is the "First Things First" in the manifestation of Divine Abundance, with power and prosperity.
From an attitude of gratitude my prosperity flows.
More everyday, in every way, Divine Abundance manifests in my life, with ease and grace.
Divine Abundance realizes in us and manifests in our lives by law and order. As we sow the seeds of Divine truth and cultivate the consciousness of Divine good, it comes into flower, fruit in us, and into harvest in our lives. We reap what we sow when we seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness, then all that is good is added to us.
Reading: Matthew 6:33
The kingdom of Divine good manifests with ease and grace when we practice the spiritual principle of First Things First. First the preparation of the soil, then the sowing of the seed, then the nourishing, nurturing and cultivation of the plant into a tree. Then the flower, the fruit and then, with patience and perseverance, the harvest. So it is with the Divine truth we sow in the fertile soil of our loving hearts, and the harvest of Divine good that then manifests in our lives.
Let gratitude be your First Thing First. In the intention of abundance and the expectation of prosperity, there is no greater First Thing First than the attitude of gratitude in our daily spiritual practice. Gratitude opens the mind and heart to the manifestation of Amazing Things. Gratitude connects us to Divine truth. Gratitude collaborates with Divine good. Gratitude nourishes and nurtures the experience and expression of Divine Abundance with power and prosperity. Gratitude is the seed sown and cultivated in a fertile and loving heart that grows, flowers and fruits into a harvest of amazing things and abundant good. 
Take a moment now to open your heart to gratitude and the celebration of the good that is, and the good that is coming to be in your life. Set your intention to live each new day with the attitude of gratitude and sow the seeds of abundance and prosperity in a happy heart. Enter the new day with the faithful expectation of amazing things and abundant good.  In all things, give thanks, be thankful, and may God's grace and good unfold in you and in your life. 
Blessings, Rev. Clive.