Message - Be Birthed in Bethlehem

Unity of Tampa - Sunday 12/04/2016

Prepared and presented by Rev. Clive deLaporte

Bethlehem is a place of praise in the heart, an expression of thanksgiving. This praise is experienced when the intellectual wisdom of the head, and the loving intuition of the heart, come into union and harmony in spiritual truth. In this place of joyful knowing Jesus is born into the individual consciousness and the infant awareness of the image and likeness of God is awakened in us.
The Christ, as the Divine image and likeness, is the presence, pattern and power of God in every soul, and our Divine purpose for being and becoming. Every experience in our lives comes as an opportunity for us to better realize the Christ truth in us and the Christ good in our lives. To this end, as children of God, we are born more fully into the experience and expression of the Divine Christ image and likeness as the Christ I Am: The What I Am; The Why I Am; The Who I Am becoming; The Christ I Am.
The Star of Bethlehem heralds the birth of Jesus and represents our awakening to the Christ as the spiritual truth of our being. Symbolizing the inner conviction of our divine child-ship. As the truth and good of Jesus is nourished and nurtured in us by faith, so we grow more fully into the spiritual maturity of the Christ, being and becoming an authentic expression of the Divine image and likeness of God as the Jesus Christ, Christ Jesus and the Christ. 
Being birthed in Bethlehem is a condition of consciousness that is peaceful and joyful in the experience and expression of our Christ truth. As we accept and apply the Christ as the what, the why and the who we are, so we more fully realize the Christ truth in us and the Christ good in our lives.
May the Christ, the Divine gift of all the good that can be, be birthed in you today.
Blessings, Rev. Clive.