Creative Process in the Bible (SEE) 1 pm

Fall S.E.E. class: The Creative Process in the Bible, 5 weeks: October 23 - November 20

with Pam Butler, L.U.T.

Everyone welcome! S.E.E. classes may be taken for credit, or just fun and knowledge. 

The class fee is $75 for the 5- weeks, or $15 per class - drop ins welcome! Materials are available in the Bookstore. Contact Pam:  for more information.

Upcoming S.E.E. classes for 2017 include:

Overview: Hebrew Scripture (January 2017)

Bible Interpretation: Hebrew Scriptures (TBA)

Overview: Christian Scriptures (TBA)

Bible Interpretation: Acts-Revelation (TBA)

Jesus’ Teachings (TBA)

The Christ (TBA)