Workshop: The Power of the Word, Rev Clive, 1 pm

Join us for an inspirational workshop: The Power of the Word with Rev. Clive deLaporte

When I pray I enable Divine truth and empower Divine good, in my life.

“Prayer is not for the purpose of changing God but to help us turn our innermost thoughts and feelings into a conditioned state of awareness that enables God’s presence and power to work through us.”
                   -Mary L. Kupferle

 Practical insight to help you come into a deeper understanding of the principles and practice of true prayer to plug into Divine truth and power up Divine good in your life. Charles Fillmore taught that prayer is the true language of spirituality, synchronizing the mind, heart and consciousness with Divine Mind and brining you into greater mastery in the realm of creative ideas. Join Rev. Clive on Sunday 10/30 after the regular service for a Potluck lunch and workshop at 1:00pm. Offered on a voluntary love offering basis and includes a FREE workbook on the principles and practice of true prayer. For more info connect with Rev. Clive at

1 pm in Fellowship Hall.