Message - From Jesus to Christ

Unity of Tampa - Sunday 12/11/2016

Prepared and presented by Rev. Clive deLaporte

Our affirmation for this Advent Season as we take time to more fully experience and express the truth and good of the Divine Christ, in and through us, is ...
I behold the Christ I Am.
The Christ I Am; The What I Am; The Why I Am; The Who I Am becoming; The Christ I Am.
Last Sunday we explored the spiritual experience of "Be Born in Bethlehem." The joy of the spiritual recognition of the Christ experience and expression as the what, why and who we are here to be and become. We understood the Christ as the perfect potential of God's image and likeness in all. 
Charles Fillmore taught this about the birthing of Jesus in our consciousness:
“Metaphysically, Jesus is that aspect of each person which first realizes that he or she is more than a body or a personality. It also discerns that his or her True Nature and understands the use of the Christ Principle.” Charles Fillmore
“A new state of consciousness; innocent and childlike. One whose face is turned toward the light, but who has not yet come into a deep understanding of Truth.” Charles Fillmore
The Christ is the perfect Divine potential of the image and likeness of God in everyone, regardless of gender, creed, culture, race or any other human distinctions. “Christ abides in each person as potential perfection. Each man has within himself the Christ idea, just as Jesus had. Man must look to the indwelling Christ in order to recognize their divine origin and birth.” 
Charles Fillmore
As we awaken more fully and come into the spiritual maturity of the Christ as the Divine truth of our being, we develop in consciousness from Jesus, to Jesus Christ to Christ Jesus. “Jesus is the unfolding and the development of all the qualities or ideas of the Christ. Jesus stands for the individual unfolding and evolution of the Christ.” Foundations of Unity, Series 2.
As Jesus, our Way Shower, developed in Divine Conscious, so we are destined to follow in the same process of the Christ being our Way, to Divine Truth and the Life.
In this Advent Season we turn our awareness and attention to the Divine presence and power of the Christ within and open our hearts to God's grace. We are joyful for the gift of the birth of the Christ in us, our hope of glory. We disciple and devote ourselves to the transformational experience of the Christ as the Way, the Truth and the experience and expression of the good of Divine Life, in and through us. In this we put our faith, herein we find our peace, our hope and our joy! 
Behold the Christ you are! Believe the Christ you are! Become the Christ you are!
"The Christ I Am; The What I Am; The Why I Am; The Who I Am becoming; The Christ I Am."
A Christ centered, happy Christmas and Advent Season to all. 
Blessings, Rev. Clive.