Burning Bowl Service - Preparation Guidelines

Burning Bowl Service - New Year's Eve 12/31 at 7:00pm
White Stone Services - Sunday 01/08 at 9:00am and 11:00am.
There is a powerful energy at work in our hearts, individually and collectively, at this time of the year. It is a time for the releasing of what is past and no longer serves our best and highest good, and a time for receiving of that which is fuller unfolding of what is true and good.
Contemplation: I am ready to release all that hinders and hassles, and to step forward, more fully and completely, into a receiving of the unfolding truth and good of the Divine Christ I Am.
Affirmation: "I behold the Christ I Am; I believe the Christ I Am; I am becoming the Christ I Am."
An empowering attitude and intention for the Burning Bowl and White Stone services: The error that you are ready to release, is ready to release you. The truth and the good that you are ready to receive, is ready to receive you.
Preparation for the Burning Bowl Service: New Years Ever 12/31 at 7:00pm
Take time in the week prior to the Burning Bowl service to prayerfully reflect on the year that is past. In your contemplation consider the spiritual principle and practice of First Things First in 2017. In the attitude and intention of this spiritual practice identify just one habitual limiting thought, idea, belief or expectation that if released will have the most powerful effect of opening you to a fuller experience of Divine truth, and greater expression of Divine good. Describe this error for release in a short sentence, and then reduce the description to one word that gives you the assurance of release. This is the word of release that you will commit to the flame of the Burning Bowl.