I Have a Dream

Rev. Clive deLaporte

Unity of Tampa, Sunday January 22, 2017.

I Have A Dream.

This week’s Word: Imagination.

This week’s Affirmation: Infinite potential and possibility comes to me, when with imagination I see.

This week we honor the person, life and work of Martin Luther King, who aligned himself and his life work with a dream, a vision that one day Divine good will be more fully realized in us and in the world, equally for all.

Charles Fillmore on imagination: “The faculty of mind that images and forms; the power to shape and form thought. With our imagination we lay hold of ideas and clothe them with substance. In the communication of God with man, the imaging power of the mind plays an important part. It receives divine ideas and reflects their character to the consciousness.”

Imagination is our ability to image, ideate, dream and envision in the form of conscious thought.

Creative ideas come to us through the power of imagination. These ideas are enabled and empowered by Divine truth to the degree that we are aligned with God’s presence within.

As we connect mindfully with Divine presence and through prayer and meditation, we apprehend and appropriate the creative intelligence and power of Divine Ideas. In this way Divine truth is realized in us and is the spiritual substance out of which we co-create our material good. Faith in the truth of Divine Ideas, applied to our life experiences by the power of our word and actions, manifests Divine good in our lives and in the world. In this way imagination and faith work together to bring the infinite potential of Divine truth and good into material manifestation.

Divine Ideas are the spiritual source and substance of our material good, fully and freely available to us all. To the degree we align ourselves mindfully with Divine Ideas, to that degree Divine good shows up in our lives. To all comes this good news: that we are the agents of good in our lives. We are enabled and empowered to take responsibility for the degree to which we want to experience and express Divine truth in us and Divine good in our lives. We are responsible because we are response-able. Through the abilities of imagination and faith, we are enabled and empowered to see and believe Divine truth and express Divine good.

Again our Word of Truth this week is: Imagination.

And our Affirmation of Truth this week is: Infinite potential and possibility comes to me, when with Imagination I see.

Blessings, Rev. Clive.