5-14-17: The Mother Divine by Rev. Clive deLaporte

 The Mother Divine

By Rev. Clive deLaporte

God, Divine Mother, my loving Source of spiritual nurturing and growth.

This week we honor and celebrate our mothers as one of the expressions of the Divine Feminine in our lives. The time of Mother’s Day reminds us that both the feminine and the masculine, as Ideas in Divine Mind, are expressions of the image and likeness of God, in and through us. In the Jewish story of creation God is said to have created humankind in the Divine image and likeness, male and female. This teaches us that it is neither the masculine, nor the feminine alone that experiences and expresses the Divine image and likeness, but the two coming together in union, unity and at-one-ment. For us using spiritual dis-cernment, the masculine represents the head, the intellect, Joseph, and the feminine represents the heart, intuition and Mary. It is when the head and the heart come into loving union that the Christ, the true and perfect Divine image and likeness is birthed in us and into our conscious experience. The Divine Fa-ther is that aspect of God that is the seed or Idea of the Christ and the Divine Mother is that aspect of God that is the birthing, nourishing and nurturing of the Divine Idea of the Christ in and through us. The essential activity of The Mother Divine is to birth, nourish and nurture our Divine truth and good in Love. Bless-ings to you today, as we open our minds and hearts, through message and meditation, to a fuller awareness and understanding of the Divine Mother as our loving Source of spiritual nourishment, nurturing and growth. In Light, Love and Life, be blessed. Rev. Clive.