5-28-17: Let the Current Flow by Louanne Walters

Let the Current Flow

By Louanne Walters

Past. Present. Future.

The words evoke our sense of time’s fluid transit, known best as something that sits “out there” away from our internal sense of self. As co-creators we have the gift of timeless vision: we have the ability to look back through our memories, to magnify the present, and to envision the future. The Divine Current which flows through life often feels as if it is accompanied by an Alternate Current, adding “the unwanted” to our life experience. Pain, sorrow, frustration, anger. We can feel pulled under, pushed over and tossed aside. We struggle to explain a hurtful past or deny a painful present with the outcome being an unplanned or unwanted future. We label the Alternate Current as bad, and the Divine Current as unobtainable. Can these two be compatible? Can they co-exist? As co-creators we have the answer before us in the Present. Our gift of timeless vision and our ability to identify both the Divine Current and the Alternate Current happen right here, right now. It is my joy to share this moment with you, as we turn to the magnificence of the Divine within to Let the Current Flow, and share our journeys together.  Gratefully, Louanne Walters.