Volunteer with One of Our Mission Teams

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Ambassadors Of Service

Organize the hospitality committee for Sunday Snacks & special events as well as emergency food for illness/deaths, and memorials.

Team Co-Leaders
Xiomara Previti - Email
Jackie Saldana - Email

Ambassadors of Welcome

Ushers/Greeters are the happy, smiling people who welcome our guests and members.

Team Leader
Julie Baum - Email


Your love of the earth & nature will draw you to this team, which is our Green Initiative. It includes awareness, recycling, and street cleanup.

Team Leader
Farah Stokes - Email


Good with a hammer,  painting,  plumbing, electrical,  masonry,  artistic painting or design? This team determines facility needs and plans including signage, painting, & remodeling.

Team Leader
Vinnie Zeoli - Email

Garden Angels

Work with Master Gardeners to bring beauty to our courtyard & grounds.

Team Leader
Diane Kelly - Email


Explore creative ideas to generate revenue.

Team Leader
Scott Barry - Email

Growth & Marketing

Use your marketing and PR skills to grow our spiritual community.

Team Leader
Maddy Krasne- Email

Social Lights

Plan social events like movie nights, talent shows, workshops & other activities.

Team Leader
Pat Fenda - Email


Look for ways to incorporate new technology into the church.

Team Leader for Website and Social Media

Leanne Rabitor - Email

If you are ready to expand your spirit and live a larger life, Unity of Tampa offers many meaningful ways you can contribute to our wonderful spiritual community and deepen your commitment to your own growth.

Mission Teams are fellowship with a cause. They keep Unity of Tampa growing!  Let us know what speaks to your heart and spirit. Whether you have only a little time to tithe to Unity of Tampa, or a lot, we joyfully welcome you to join us.


You may choose more than one team to be involved in.
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