Prayer Requests & Pastoral Care

Pray with a Unity of Tampa Prayer Chaplain

Many thanks and blessings to our 2017 Prayer Chaplains: JW Hayes, Bronwyn Beynon, Norma Baynard, Wanda Bullock, Ron Dean, Carol Abernathy, and Pam Greenstein.

If you desire one on one personal prayer for challenges or joys, Unity of Tampa's Prayer Chaplains are available to pray with you after the 11 am Sunday Service, in the Chapel just inside the Sanctuary Entrance. Prayer Chaplains create a sacred space for your thoughts and feelings; listen compassionately; pray with you; and keep your name and prayers completely confidential.

You can also fill out a prayer card, and drop it in the prayer box in the Sanctuary Entrance. Your card (and first name only!) will be passed to one of our well-trained prayer team members who will hold you and your request in prayer every day for two weeks. Your card will then be sent to Silent Unity and held in prayer for another 30 days.

To leave a confidential prayer request for the Prayer Chaplains, please call 813-870-0731 ext 301.

I Am There
By James Dillet Freeman

Do you need Me?
I am there.
You cannot see Me, yet I am the light you see by
You cannot hear Me, yet I speak through your voice.
You cannot feel Me, Yet I am the power at work in your hands
I am at work, though you do not understand My ways.
I am at work, though you do not recognize My works
I am not strange visions. I am not mysteries.
Only in absolute stillness, beyond self,
Can you know Me as I am,
And then but as a feeling and a faith.
Yet I am there. Yet I am here. Yet I answer.
When you need Me, I am there.
Even if you deny Me, I am there.
Even when you feel most alone, I am there.
Even in your fears, I am there.
Even in your pain, I am there.
I am there when you pray and when you do not pray
Though your faith In Me is unsure,
My faith in you never wavers,
Because I know you, because I love you.
Beloved, I am there.